Our Services

Customs clearance & delivery

All goods entering or departing South Africa require customs clearance Afridom Group is able to provide a swift customs clearing service at competitive rates.All clearances are submitted via the EDI interface with customs. We provide our clients with a door to door service and keep them informed about the progress and status of their shipments and we manage refunds, drawbacks, rebates and provisional payments on behalf of our clients

Disbursements of monies

We also disburse large sums of money on behalf of our clients, the type of disbursements include the following: Duty and VAT payments to customs and Payment of penalties and fines on behalf of our clients. Payment of freight to shipping lines, airlines, Spoornet, road hauliers and groupage operators. Cargo dues to TNPA and Payment of premiums to marine insurance companies

Export marketing and promotion

In order for manufactures to reach their full potential we have proposed the following services as a medium for our clients to reach their full potential in exploiting the foreign market Research foreign markets for product introduction Attend international trade shows to promote your products Coordinate international marketing of your brand with distributors and agents Administration of foreign directory systems

Our additional additional services

We negotiate with international buyers and arrange safe and secure methods of payments. Due to our vast knowledge of incoterms we are able to negotiate the most appropriate and suitable foreign trade terms on behalf of our clients. Preparing and submitting insurance declarations on imported/ exported shipments at the time of customs clearance. Our team has in depth knowledge of transport and customs procedures and is consequently in a position to provide specialized advice in these areas which can save the shipper a great deal of time.